AIM for Windows CE/Pocket PC makes it easy for busy people to connect instantly with friends and family no matter where they are. With the new AIM 2.0 for Windows CE/Pocket PC you can use AIM wherever you are to:
  • Send instant messages wherever you are.
  • Customise the appearance of your messages.
  • Communicate with multiple people simultaneously.
  • Access your personal Buddy List from anywhere.
  • Get news headlines and stock quotes.
  • Show others how you really feel with smileys.


Downloading and installing AIM for Windows CE/Pocket PC is easy:
  1. Download the Aim.exe file to your desktop PC.
  2. Double-click on the file, follow the instructions, and it will automatically install AIM on your device during the next ActiveSync session.
Minimum requirements:
  1. A Handheld or Palm-size PC with Windows CE OS version 2.0 or higher or a Pocket PC.
  2. 8MB of RAM, although AOL Instant Messenger can function with less.
  3. An Internet Connection. You can use AOL Instant Messenger with any Internet connection, including telephone modems, ethernet cards, and cellular modems.
Supported devices
Supported Palm-Sized PCs:

Casio: E-15, E-100 & E-105
Compaq: Aero 1530, Aero 2100 Series
Hewlett-Packard: Jornada 420/430
Philips: Nino 500 (with clip-on modem) 

Supported Hand-held PCs:

Compaq: Aero 8000 Hewlett-Packard: Jornada 680/690 & Jornada 820
Hitachi: Eplate 32 & 16 MB
IBM: WorkPad Z50
Mobile Pro 800 & Mobile Pro 770
Sharp: Mobilon Tripad
Vadem: Clio HP/C Pro
Supported Pocket Sized PCs:

Casio: E-115
Compaq: Aero 1550, iPAQ 3600 Series
Hewlett-Packard: Jornada 54

 software file size 5.66 mb
download this software download

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