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Choose the SEO toolkit that best suits your needs:

Web CEO Online

Includes a detailed Site Improvement Roadmap + easy tips and tools to complete tasks.
Reports are run on our servers according to your schedule. No installation is required.
Free plan is available.

Web CEO Desktop

The most complete set of SEO tools
for experienced users.
Generates customizable reports on your schedule.
Runs on your PC (Windows only).
(+ optional services). 15-day free trial.

The Web CEO Online SEO tools
answer two vitally important questions:

Is your site performing well?
View your site numbers to measure results from your promotion work and understand if your site needs your intervention.
Ranking Checker
Runs search engine ranking reports for targeted keywords on all of the important major and local search engines.
Link Popularity Checker
Tells how many backlinks to your site are known to search engines, and how this number has changed since the last scan.
Web Analytics Reporter
Shows several substantial reports from Google Analytics and Compete in order for you to understand your site's traffic trend.
What can you do to improve your site?
Check the To Do list to complete site optimization and promotion tasks, fix errors and participate in discussions related to your business.
To Do List
Web CEO offers you a ready-to-use list of tasks that can be completed with the help of the online tools.
Keyword tool
Offers the best key phrases to use them in texts on your website, in various descriptions and for PPC bidding.
Optimization tool
Scans your site pages and then gives you advice on how to optimize them for high search engine rankings.
Buzz Tracker
Points to mentions of your keywords in conversations on forums and blog, so you can build links and track reputation.
Submission tool
Gets your site registered with global and local search engines and directories to receive more traffic and backlinks.
Site Quality Checker
Scans your site for broken links, anchors, pages with missing titles, slow pages and other technical and SEO errors.

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