EFTP = Encrypted FTP

  • Based on the RFC 959 standard of FTP, it incorporates RSA encryption and Blowfish encryption to achieve fast and secure transfers of data over any TCP/IP network, including The Internet.
  • EFTP is currently at release 3.3, and supports most Windows platforms, including Windows 2003.


  • During a standard FTP session, all the commands including sensitive information like the username and password to an account, are transferred in plain text. Any competent hacker would be able to capture this sensitive data as it traverses over wires, and use it to his/her advantage. EFTP incorporates strong RSA encryption which encodes every command from the client and server, even before user authentication occurs. This means that all commands sent from the client and server are encrypted, and cannot be interpreted by a foreign agent. As well as the control channel, the data channel which is responsible for all the file transfers and directory listings also transmits as raw data. This data could be gathered and reassembled to form the files that have been transferred, and your valuable data has just been intercepted, and in the hands of an unknown individual or organization. With strong blowfish encryption, all data transfers including directory listings is also encrypted on the fly, and impossible to decrypt from an external source like a protocol analyzer.

Product Features

  • Secure Transfers
  • World standard and secure RSA encryption encodes the control channel, and Bruce Schneier's Blowfish encryption for data transfers
  • High Speed
  • Unlike other SSH tunneling FTP solutions, Blowfish encryption and decryption is much faster and less CPU intensive, so transfers speeds are blindingly fast, and can easily support most corporate internet links.
  • Enforceable "Terms and Conditions"
  • You can optionally make users that connect agree to terms and conditions of use on the site. The user has to reply accordingly, or they will be denied access.

 free download -: download
 source -: www.encrypted-ftp.com

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