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Here's an easy way to see where your site ranks
in Google and Yahoo! — in under 2 minutes!
Dear Fellow Website Owner,
If your site depends on Google and Yahoo! placements for traffic and sales, your search engine rankings are tied directly to your bottom line. That's why you need to keep a close eye on your rankings to make sure you're near the top at all times.

Now here's the question: How would you like spending as little as 2 minutes once and then see every day where you rank for hundreds of your critical web searches? You know, the keywords people type into Google and Yahoo to arrive at your site and buy something? Or subscribe to your newsletter, or download your eBook?
If you're anything like most webmasters and SEOs, you'd love that!
Because if you ever tried manually hunting down a URL buried somewhere on page 17 of Google's results pages, you wouldn't want to do that again, ever.
Luckily, if you got Rank Tracker, you won't have to. Just click the image below to watch a demo video and see how you could start saving hours and hours of your valuable time every day monitoring your Google and Yahoo! rankings with our SEO software.

What's even greater, Rank Tracker can make these checks totally on auto-pilot. You take two minutes to choose how often to check rankings — and then only come back to see results when you have time.

Rank Tracker is one of the four tools in the SEO PowerSuite toolkit. You can save big-time if you order the complete SEO toolkit at once.
Who else wants to check rankings and generate profitable keywords like a pro?
Just launch Rank Tracker, and in a matter of minutes you'll learn everything humanly possible about your rankings, including your site's position in any of the 759 supported search engines, the exact URL found, how many times this keyword is being searched, how powerful a keyword is, and lots more!
Here's what Rank Tracker can do for you:
  • Automatically checks your search engine rankings
    No more spending hours on end manually checking your site's positions in search engines. Just sit back and let Rank Tracker do the boring job for you!
  • Shows if your site moved up or down in search results
    Every time you check your rankings, Rank Tracker will conveniently show you the ranking difference so you can easily see if your site has moved up, or if it has slipped for whatever reason.
  • Helps you discover profitable keywords you've been missing out on!
    Check this out: Rank Tracker includes a powerful "Suggest Keywords" feature. With it, you'll be able to grab traffic-generating keywords using Wordtracker, Google Suggest, your competitor's websites, and many other methods! (Rank Tracker comes with a total of 16 different keyword suggestion tools — with many more on our TODO list!)

    This feature alone is so powerful, there are entire products that cost upwards of $100 that offer just this single feature!
  • Supports 759 different search engines
    Rank Tracker supports 759 international and local search engines so you can track your rankings using the engine that matters most to you. The currently supported SEs include Google, Yahoo! and Bing with their localized versions plus hundreds of others — check out the complete list!
  • Shows you the BEST keywords to optimize your site for!
    Rank Tracker can show you how many times a keyword has been actually searched by real people over the last month, plus how stiff the competition for this keyword is. This "number-of-searches-to-competition" ratio is known as Keyword Efficiency Index, or KEI. This is how professional search engine optimizers pick the best keywords to optimize for — they choose keywords with the biggest number of searches AND the lowest competition. Go ahead, use the KEI feature to find out which keywords are worth it!
And Rank Tracker can do all this automatically, without a single mouseclick done by you!
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With all these powerhouse features, Rank Tracker will make ranking monitoring a snap for you. Care to take Rank Tracker for a test drive? Download 100% free edition by clicking the link below, right now!
The free version of this rank checking tool includes 99% of all the features of Rank Tracker Pro, so you can freely test it for as long as you see fit, and see how it works for you.

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